Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Beyond Being

Beyond Being, a new brainwave program from Transparent Corp., helps to reproduce complex brain patterns that are associated with intense experiences such as deep meditation, emotional detachment, spiritual experiences, lucid dreaming and even out-of-body experiences.

Here are some of the experiences reported by users of Beyond Being:
  • Vivid, realistic mental imagery
  • Feelings of floating or hovering
  • Vibrations and tingling sensations
  • Feelings of intense happiness or bliss
  • Emotional detachment and dissociation from daily worries
  • Lucid dreams
  • Out-of-body experiences

Monday, November 9, 2009

Reinventing the Body, Resurrecting the Soul: How to Create a New You

Reinventing the Body, Resurrecting the Soul: How to Create a New You by Alternative medicine guru Chopra, author of more than 50 books, argues that the bond between body and soul has been severed; it's his hope that humankind is about to embark on a restoration project that will give the soul the attention it deserves. Chopra presents five 'breakthroughs' that address the body and five that address the soul. He also walks readers through a fascinating discussion of how energy affects spiritual and physical health, and includes a scored personal energy efficiency quiz. According to Chopra, when 'subtle energy' becomes blocked, awareness can act like an invisible force that turns unhealthy energy around (he also explains how the expression of genes can be altered by lifestyle changes). Chopra encourages readers to follow their inner guidance, to embrace a journey to higher consciousness, to expand awareness through meditation and other methods, to ask for guidance and then wait for it to appear, and to trust their instincts. By accepting the over-arching power of the 'invisible' or non-physical world, Chopra maintains that we can begin to nourish a state of wholeness in which there is no longer a disconnect between body, mind, and soul. Though Chopra offers 10 'simple steps' to wholeness (including focusing on relationships instead of consumption), this is a multilayered text to savor and study; readers will continue to contemplate the author's message long after the final page is turned."
Publishers Weekly, starred review

Friday, March 20, 2009

Free Stress Buster Video

View a free stressbuster meditation from Meditainment. It features a video format and is three minutes long.

Sunday, December 3, 2006

Free Meditation Resources

Here is a list of meditation resources that I have found helpful:

Wild Mind Buddhist Meditation
Offers a free email newsletter. "Our mission is to benefit the world by promoting mindfulness and compassion through the practice of meditation. Meditating can help you develop calmness and tranquility, reduce stress, and have a richer, deeper, experience of life. We offer a wealth of free information on techniques that you can work through at your own pace."

Meditation Society of Australia
Many free resources, including a free online meditation course. "The focus of this site is to explore inner peace, spiritual happiness, self-awareness and spirituality in a clear, concise and FREE way for the entire world. The meditation society is non-denominational - it has no religious, political or financial affiliations - we are a community organisation encompassing all faiths, who exist to help you learn to meditate."

Higher Awareness
Offers 18 personal development and spiritual growth programs. Sign up for the free Inner Journey Daily Inspirations. "Let us help you make the personal and spiritual growth changes you’re longing for. Higher Awareness offers 18 online self improvement workbooks and programs for personal and spiritual growth. No matter what your challenge at the moment, we have the right self improvement plan to serve you and the SUPPORT systems to help you change."

Offers a free guided meditation, The Secret Garden. This program uses high quality audio and is highly recommended. The sounds are three-dimensional, so the experience is visceral along with the soothing, guided voice. There is no brainwave entrainment on these meditations to my knowledge. If you like these, you can sign up for a yearly subscription. I subscribed for one year, and was able to download several meditations. I carry these on my PDA. They do add new meditations periodically. This site has recently undergone some new enhancements as well. Highly recommended.

Friday, November 24, 2006

Brainwave Software

If you're looking for a more creative approach to brainwave therapy, there are a few interesting software programs to try with a whole range of involvement and interactivity. Brainwave therapy has shown to effect positive brain enhancement, offering a truly holistic way to harmonize mind and body, resulting in a greater sense of health and happiness.

Mind Stereo is a fully functional media center for your mind, allowing you to listen to musical playlists, internet radio and watch mesmerizing visualizations while enjoying the many benefits of brainwave entrainment, affirmations and other audio/visual brain-enhancements.

Mind Stereo acts much like any ordinary media player. It has a playlist and an equalizer. It supports reverb, echo and other effects. It is compact, stylish in design, supports nearly all digital media formats, CDs, DRM protected audio and Net Radio such as Shoutcast. It even supports visual plugins. But there is one thing that separates Mind Stereo from other players - while the music or the visualizations are playing, Mind Stereo is subtly modifying the audio and visual patterns to affect the neural activity of your brain. This is a process known as Brainwave Entrainment, and it can be used to create mental states ranging from relaxation and meditation to concentration, creativity or energy. A small, taskbar mode player is also available as an option.

It is easy to use Mind Stereo on a regular basis. You don't even need to make time for it. Do you listen to music while you work, study, or perform other activities? If so, why not enhance it and grow your brain?

If you are looking to either make your own audio programs, for personal or business use, Brain Sound Studio (BSS) takes any sound of your choosing - such as an MP3 or WAV file - and uses the existing sound as the carrier wave for brainwave entrainment! BSS passes the sound through a series of complex scientific filters, subtly changing it to have dramatic effects on the brain. Using BSS, you can guide your brain to nearly any mental state, such as concentration, euphoria, accelerated learning, relaxation, trance and more. You can use BSS to explore exotic mental states such as lucid dreaming and out of body experiences. It can even help with disorders such as ADD and Depression.

Brain Sound Studio is very simple to use. After installing the software, all you have to do is pick a sound file (samples are included), select one of the 85+ built-in brainwave files and click play! If you want to edit or create your own files, a full featured, multi-track editor makes editing even the most complex parameters quick and easy.

Some of the uses of Brain Sound Studio include:

-Relaxation / Meditation
-Improved Memory and Concentration
-Hypnosis & Self-Hypnosis
-Headache Relief
-Euphoria / "Spacey" Mental States
-Exotic, Spiritual Mental States (some have reported lucid dreams and OOBEs)
-Making your own Brainwave Transforms to stimulate the brainwaves of your choice!
-Adding an "edge" to your music that other musicians / bands have never even heard of!
-Making your own brainwave entrainment CDs, which can then be sold!
-Stimulating brainwaves while listening to your favorite tunes!

And finally, a more advanced program, which allows you unlimited potential for brainwave media creation, is NeuroProgrammer, built to help you achieve rapid and long lasting personal change.

The Neuro-Programmer 2 is on the cutting edge of mind technology; implementing both old and new techniques to affect the mind much like an engineer would program a computer.

The subconscious mind controls how we react to the world. Desires, fears, habits, personality traits - they all come from associations contained in your subconscious mind. What if there was a way to change the nature of the subconscious. Instead of working against you in a constant battle with your willpower, what if your subconscious could instead make you more like you would like to be - how you see yourself without all those bad habits, emotional reactions and fears that block your progress. What if you could suddenly feel happier, or only crave healthy foods? What if being confident, energetic and focused was as effortless as everything else you currently enjoy doing?

Brainwave stimulation increases cerebral blood flow, the production of neurotransmitters, growth of dendrites, axons, neurons and more. In other words, when you use NeuroProgrammer your brain is being trained and encouraged to build connections and neural structures to support your goals, including:

Change Your Thought Patterns and Behaviors

-Rid yourself of bad habits
-Rid yourself of limiting beliefs and destructive thought patterns
-Change emotional reactions
-Access helpful mental states on demand
-Explore self-hypnosis & advanced visualization

Enhance your abilities

-IQ Increase: Based on over 40 years of solid research, the cognitive enhancement tools available in NeuroProgrammer are the most comprehensive of their kind. NP2 works by optimizing your brain based on the brainwave patterns of overachievers and most intelligent 1% of the population.

-Study help: NP2 comes with number of sessions designed to optimize the brain for studying, reducing frustration or performing tasks that can benefit from increased cognitive functioning.

-Creativity: NP2 comes with unique sessions designed to optimize the brain for creative ideas, brain storming and out of the box thinking. Much like the Study Helper and the IQ Increase sessions, it is based on stimulating the brain to produce brainwave patterns similar to those exhibited by the great creative thinkers of our time.

-Accelerated Learning: Frequently used by medical students who have to memorize vast amounts of information in a short period of time, NP2 comes with tools allowing you to more rapidly commit material to long term memory.

-Sports / Performance Enhancement: Learn to access the "Zone" state on demand and use practical psychological techniques developed by coaches and sport psychologists. Using NP2 you will have access to methods used successfully by professional athletes and performers for decades.

Manage your day to day life

-Motivation / Energy: NP2 includes incredibly effective tools to stimulate energy and get you motivated in your daily life.

-Headache relief: Many types of headaches are easily treatable using brainwave stimulation. Sometimes, it is a simple brainwave imbalance that is causing the headaches in the first place.

-Wake Up session: Used by hundreds of people as a caffeine replacement, NP2 includes a very effective tool to speed up your brainwaves in the morning or whenever you feel you need a recharge.

-Sleep Induction (Headphone-Free!): NP2 includes the most effective sleep induction tools yet developed. The sessions can be used completely free of headphones, giving you all the freedom of movement you need. Let NP2 guide your mind gently down to a deep, healthy sleep.

-Chronic Pain & Fibromyalgia Reduction: Recent studies have indicated the usefulness of brainwave stimulation in reducing Chronic Pain and Fibromyalgia. A number of sessions are included in NP2 for these purposes, and have so far yielded very promising results.

-Stress Reduction: Nearly all users of NP report large, dramatic reductions in stress. Using NP alone is a very relaxing, pleasurable experience - but it also comes with specific sessions meant to rid you of anxiety and stress-involved hormones, like cortisol.

-PMS: Numerous studies have shown that increasing cerebral blood flow is one of the best ways to alleviate PMS symptoms. NP includes sessions designed for exactly that purpose. NP2 can help relieve PMS symptoms while relaxing the user and stimulating helpful, healthy brainwaves in the process.

-Sleep Reduction: Nearly all users of NP2 report a reduction in sleep needs. The reasons for this are not quite understood yet, but it is one of the most commonly reported side effects of using NP2. In fact, some sessions are known to replace up to 4 hours of sleep!

Promote health and relaxation

-Immune System enhancement: Not only is relaxation generally helpful to the immune system, but studies have shown that specific brainwave patterns are particularly useful in that they are able to directly stimulate the immune system.

-Accelerated Growth / Healing: Human Growth Hormone, or HGH, is a hormone that promotes healing and growth. Typically, adults only release this helpful hormone in the deepest stages of sleep, but using NP you can stimulate its release in a single session and enjoy the benefits of it all day long.

-Reduce Hypertension: A reduction in stress will naturally have a positive effect on your blood pressure by causing your blood vessels to dilate, but there are even more direct ways NP2 can reduce Hypertension. Recent clinical studies indicate that certain frequency ranges stimulate the Limbic and Autonomic nervous systems. In one study brainwave stimulation beat out traditional medical treatments over an 8 week period!

-Insomnia: The Insomnia session of the NeuroProgrammer is the most effective session of its kind on the market today. It not only prepares the mind for sleep, but it stimulates your brain to provide the neurological groundwork to easily obtain sleep in the future. In other words, NP2 can train your brain to effortlessly achieve sleep. The more you use it, the less you need it!

-Deep Meditation: Meditation has been proven to be immensely healthy and is widely accepted by the medical and psychological communities as one of the best ways to increase your health, outlook and general well being. Using NP2 you can take meditation to whole new level. Many spiritual and even paranormal experiences have been reported using our sessions. Many people have even reported out of body experiences. Whether or not you believe such phenomenons are possible, the experience itself is real to the user, and you may be able to access these remarkable mental states using the Neuro-Programmer.

An introduction to the concepts of meditation and brainwaves

Meditation Works
by: Kadence Buchanan

Every year, we are witness to ever-increasing numbers of Americans who die from strokes, heart attacks and other stress-related ailments. This tells us several things. For one, it tells us that our everyday lives are filled with all kinds of pressures that take their toll on our physical well-being. For another thing, it tells us that we have not yet learned to deal with stress properly or to take measures that can bring down the daily stress levels of our lives.

There's no doubt about it - living in the modern world can be a stressful thing. We worry about traffic and pollution. We encounter stressful situations everywhere, from our homes to our offices and through a dozen or so other irritants caused by people we meet in the course of daily life. We work longer hours, consume less healthy food and hardly undergo any exercise. Some of us even smoke heavily, drink heavily and indulge in illegal drugs. Others have to bear with dysfunctional friends or families.

In addition, mental and physical health costs are skyrocketing. Only a precious few can afford regular physical or psychiatric counseling or assistance. We know we need relief but sometimes it just costs too much. What other alternatives are there?

It's about time we tried meditation.

Meditation is ideal for everyone, especially for those with hectic and stressful lifestyles. Meditation is defined as an engagement in contemplation, especially that which is spiritual, religious or devotional in nature. It teaches us to reflect upon our day and to find happiness within ourselves. Through meditation, we can keep our mind fit, relieve stress and promote overall good health.

The mind operates through brainwaves whose activity is altered as we go through different tasks and emotions. According to modern alternative medicine, these brain waves produce energy, which is the main medium through which our central nervous system communicates with our bodies.

As we pass through the different stages of our day, we enter various stages of brain wave activity. Our brainwaves alert us when we need to rest our busy minds and our tired bodies. Meditation can lay our brainwaves to rest. Breathing techniques, music, various aromas and scents as well as candle therapy are different ways to enhance meditation and ease the mind.

Constant meditation can help us shed the physical and mental stresses of our day and put us in a relaxed state of bliss and contentment. It's a worthwhile activity whose benefits we should not doubt or take for granted.

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